As a result of many years of experience and continuous improvement and development, The EHSD created a fully compact and integrated system of operation formed by the following main steps;

Customer Order Processing

The EHSD is continuously monitoring the world steel supply sources, their upto date specifications, production data, freight rates for various destinations, import export restrictions and daily market prices.

The EHSD's experienced staff, as a part of their extensive marketing strategy, collects the customers' firm inquiries from various parts of the world. Each customer inquiry is evaluated with care for their technical and commercial aspects. The most suitable technical and commercial offer is prepared by The EHSD experts and submitted to the customers. Upon making consensus on the main terms and conditions, first the order confirmation and then the sale/purchase contract are approved between the parties which is the initial step of a new eventual order.


Sourcing of the steel products is made by The EHSD expert purchase team, continuously monitoring the best manufacturers all over the world to provide the most convenient quality, cost and delivery schedule. Depending on the customer's special request The EHSD may supply from a preagreed/ named manufacturing unit or can freely select the best source to best fit to its customer needs.


The EHSD gives great importance on correct planning. Each EHSD's customer order is planned at every stage in a sophisticated manner from the receipt of order confirmation to production, inspection, shipment and delivery stages to The EHSD's customer. The EHSD believes that only by correct, well designed and sophisticated planning can The EHSD customers' orders be processed and completed in a fully satisfactory manner.


The EHSD has designed its production system in a simple but highly effective structure as follows;

Production by Approved Manufacturers

Unless otherwise specifically requested by the customers, The EHSD sources the ordered steel products only from the globally selected Approved Steel Manufacturers (ASM) which are evaluated based on their product quality, competitive product pricing, reliability and past performance.

Assessment for Auxiliary Services

The EHSD selects the auxiliary service providing partners (such as inspection, insurance, logistics companies, etc.) through strict examination and evaluation. Only companies being in full compliance with The EHSD Compliance Criteria (ECC) are selected to become Service Provider Partner (SPP) and The EHSD continuously monitors their performance and evaluates their partnership status by renewing the assessments on regular basis.

Research Team

The EHSD believes that continuous research and development is the key for achieving its planned prominence in the steel industry.

Manufacturer Database

The EHSD works with highly qualified staff; The EHSD Research Team (ERT). Every member of the research team is selected carefully as per their experience and past performance. The EHSD Research Team (ERT) members are regularly updating the existing The EHSD database for the existing and new steel manufacturers to enlarge Approved Steel Manufacturers (ASM).

Price Database

The EHSD Research Team (ERT) is continuously monitoring and keeping the database for steel prices from raw materials to final products as well as logistics and auxiliary services in various geographical locations.

New Product Development

The EHSD Research Team (ERT) keeps themselves fully updated with international fairs, seminars and conferences and are in close contacts with the steel end-users and checking regularly their needs. Based on the market and the end-users' requirements The EHSD works in cooperation with the endusers and manufacturers' technical teams to develop new products or modified but more useful versions of the existing products.

Quality Management System

The EHSD quality management system is designed as per ISO 9000 Quality Management System requirements.

Quality Control of Production and Shipping

The EHSD Quality Assurance Team (QAT) which is formed by its own staff or from outsourced third parties' reputable and qualified staff (depending on each case) continuously monitor the quality during the complete production cycle starting from raw material sourcing through manufacturing to the packing and shipping stages.

Process Control

The EHSD Quality Assurance Team (QAT) makes process controls and analysis during the complete production cycle in order to maintain effective and error free production.

Laboratory and Tests

The EHSD Quality Assurance Team (QAT) ensures the proper execution of the mechanical and chemical tests as well as measurement of the dimensional tolerances as per The EHSD customers' specific requirements or as per the relevant quality standards in manufacturer's premises or in approved independent laboratories. This has been a standard procedure even if it is not specifically requested by the customer.

Marketing & Sales

A company's survival depends on its effective and well established marketing and sales system. Keeping this fact in mind, The EHSD has created and developed a fully sophisticated sales and marketing system employing experienced and motivated staff committed to the best customer's satisfaction.


It is a fact that logistics play an important role in the steel supply chain. The EHSD has a proper design and planning of the logistics within the complete supply cycle to have most competitive storage and transport cost, timely and safe deliveries. By that way The EHSD achieves the full customer satisfaction. In doing so, The EHSD only works with logistic companies being in full compliance with The EHSD Compliance Criteria (ECC) which are selected to become Service Provider Partner (SPP) and The EHSD continuously monitors their performance and approve their partnership status by renewing the assessments on a regular basis.

Foreign Trade (Import & Export)

The foreign trade practice is one of the key elements in The EHSD operations since the majority of the products are exported from the country that is originally produced. In addition to that, some of the steel raw materials are imported from the major raw material exporting countries. Therefore The EHSD has designed a smoothly operating, simple but effective foreign trade practice to have problem free import and export operation.

Documentary Credits

As The EHSD's core activity is the international steel supplying operations, there is a highly experienced documentary credit team to handle all type of documentary credit transactions.

Custom Clearance

The EHSD's time sensitive operations shall not be interrupted by long custom clearance formalities. Therefore The EHSD works with highly experienced staff for custom clearance. The EHSD works with qualified and reliable custom clearance companies in various countries where it is actively operating.


The EHSD's accounting staff has many years of experience in their field which helps the company to the creation of various types of evaluation and sophisticated reporting systems.

Cost Analysis

The EHSD applies cost analysis systems in the accounting to continuously monitor the cost of supply for every particular order of The EHSD's customers which eliminates the risk of errors in pricing the new orders.


As a result of many years of excellent relationship and smooth financial operations with world's largest financial institutions, The EHSD created a large banking network through which the company handles various complicated financial structures by using extensive credit lines.

Human Resources

The EHSD strongly believes that its most valuable asset is the company's highly educated, experienced, motivated and loyal human resources.

Training and Education

The EHSD employees are regularly trained and appropriate education is provided. The HR department plans and applies seminars and courses through a yearly training program best fitting to each individual employee's needs.

Career Planning

The EHSD employees are promoted as per the career planning developed by the HR department. This gives high motivation to the employees for improving their performance so that they can plan their targets and achieve their goals.


The EHSD uses the most advanced computer technology. The system design, maintenance and continuous support for IT activities are provided by the experienced IT staff.

Tax Appliance

The EHSD is reinforced by in house tax experts for the compliance to tax regulations in force in its operations. In addition to that, the best tax advisors are outsourced by The EHSD for the required guidance in any tax related issues.

Legal Consultancy

The EHSD, depending on the subject of the legal conflict, has the practice of cooperating with the international law offices which are named as the best in their field (Eg. Shipping, finance, international trade, etc.).
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