The EHSD being a reliable partner and having sizeable turnover and successful operations worldwide, has created a high level of trust within the world's largest financial institutions.

The EHSD, is actively working with world major prime banks to serve a variety of financial structures to its customers and partners.

The financial strength and close partnership with world's major financial institutions bring the following advantages to The EHSD;
  • Ability to work with customers in different part of the world having different financial systems and country risks.
  • Ability to handle various types and terms of payment (Prepayment, tolling finance, open credit terms, deferred credit facilities, etc.).
  • Ability to apply the most complicated and sophisticated financial structures to have competitive edge.
  • Ability to share the financial strength with its Supply Chain Partners (SCP) and Service Provider Partners (SPP).
Trade Finance

The EHSD has deep experience and extensive track record in arranging structured trade finance deals depending on the need of The EHSD's customers and suppliers. Capabilities of pre-financing of the suppliers and abilities to make deferred payment alternatives with low cost for the customers, give to The EHSD an additional advantage for being competitive with respect to others.

Project Finance

The EHSD involved in many large scale project finance deals both at the supply and end use side within the steel industry. The EHSD's wide expertise in steel industry combined with its close contacts with world's major financial institutions are creating a very good and safe base for developing sophisticated project-finance deals. The EHSD is able to structure very complicated projectfinance deals by implementing legal, tax, commercial, technical and financial parameters combined in a perfect synthesis and harmony.
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