As a result of the value given on its human resources and their continuous training and development, The EHSD's marketing and sales team implement the most advanced sales and marketing tools in their operations.

The most remarkable advantages of The EHSD's marketing and sales team to our customers can be summarized as follows:
  • Timely and accurate response to all customer needs.
  • Application of all internationally recognized trade practices.
  • Instantaneous adaptation to market changes thanks to usage of the most developed information and communication technologies.
  • Ability to satisfy all customers' requirements with regards to serving the most appropriate trade structures.
  • To offer the best sales alternatives due to the deep knowledge in sourcing, logistics, and finance.
  • Strategic planning and guidance for customers according to the right forecasts for the future due to deep knowledge and daily follow up of the world markets and trends.
In addition to its own sales and marketing staff, The EHSD has been developing a worldwide agency network including many countries in the Far East, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

The EHSD is fully aware of the fact that the continuous success and growth is only possible by the selection of the right partners.

Customer Relations

All the services provided by The EHSD are given to The EHSD's customers by experienced Customer Account Executives (CAE). Each EHSD customer is made to feel privileged and special by the excellent before and after sale service provided by their assigned account executive.

New Market and Customer Development

Although The EHSD's customers are varying from Far East to American continent covering the major part of the world, The EHSD marketing staff is in continuous effort in expanding The EHSD's customer base with other customers in the same destinations and in the search of developing new EHSD customers in the new regions and countries.

After Sale Services

The EHSD Customer Account Executives (CAE) duty is not completed just after completing the sale process. They are continuously in touch with their customers to see their full satisfaction and to solve any problem which may arise after the completion of the product delivery.
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