Sourcing Management

The EHSD gives great importance to the effective arrangement and organization of the local and international sources and service providers to ensure continuous and reliable supply of materials and services needed for its worldwide distribution.

Therefore The EHSD to ensure and satisfy its continuous material quality, purchases only from qualified and approved suppliers. As per ISO 9000 Quality Management System requirements, The EHSD's qualified staff continuously monitors qualified steel and other raw material suppliers and keep the latest approved/qualified supplier list. In case The EHSD's customer requires sourcing from a new supplier the same shall be either ISO 9000 approved company or The EHSD staff shall conduct an assessment procedure to approve/qualify this new supplier.

New developments in raw materials and steel products are followed closely by observing the world well known exhibitions and fairs and all the world major supply countries for regular sourcing are continuously monitored by The EHSD's experienced staff to seek the best quality at the best price to create to The EHSD customers' best alternatives at best cost.

Supply Chain Management

The EHSD management staff, having many years of experience in the steel sector, selects each of the individual Supply Chain Partners (SCP) within the parties successfully passing The EHSD Compliance Criteria (ECC) fulfilling The EHSD's demanding assessment procedures.

The companies that The EHSD forms Consortium or uses as its subcontractor or uses for its tolling operations are the key constituents of The EHSD supply chain. These are long term partners with proven track records and high degree of satisfaction on the cooperation.

The EHSD's selected Supply Chain Partners (SCP) are continuously monitored during the complete cooperation time for their performance on product quality, timely delivery and cost criteria. Only continuous performers are kept within Supply Chain Partners (SCP) group.

The EHSD experts are also closely following other companies within the sector to expand the group of Supply Chain Partners (SCP) to strengthen The EHSD's production capabilities with new participants.

The EHSD experts ensure that the Supply Chain Partners (SCP) are working well in harmony through the sophisticated planning of The EHSD.

The EHSD, while continuously monitoring the performance of the Supply Chain Partners (SCP), is also providing assistance and training to them to improve the product quality and increase efficiency within production processes. The EHSD, applying the most advanced supply chain management techniques, is able to provide to The EHSD customers all the advantages of this perfect system by bringing high quality, timely delivery, flexible approach and low cost combinations.
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