The EHSD, being fully aware of the importance of the timely delivery with lowest cost fully protecting the good condition of the products, has developed its own logistic system composed of transportation, storage, distribution, planning and documentation, in order to provide best service to The EHSD's customers when and where needed.

The EHSD selects the logistic partners through a detailed selection procedure by applying The EHSD Compliance Criteria (ECC). Only approved service providers fulfilling The EHSD criteria; Service Provider Partner (SPP) may be used unless it is specifically indicated and requested by The EHSD's customers.

By implementing such a sophisticated system The EHSD ensures through its well organized and experienced teams;
  • Correct loading and proper stowage
  • Safe transportation
  • Timely delivery
  • Safe and proper reception by The EHSD's customers
  • Low cost at the best possible service level
  • Perfect harmony with The EHSD planning department
  • Correct documentation
Through integrated software packages that is used by The EHSD, each order may be viewed and traced by various departments to have a smooth operation.

Auxiliary Services

Depending on the necessity of The EHSD's customer or as a pre-requisite of the created special structure, The EHSD provides full assistance to The EHSD's customers for insurance and inspection.


For the required inspection services, The EHSD cooperates with well established and reputable inspection companies such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, Inspectorate, Alfred Knight, Cotecna, Alex Stewart, Lloyd, Catoni Persa, etc. highly experienced and actively serving for the steel industry.

Inspection through these objective, reputable and internationally recognized third parties are carried out if The EHSD's customers representatives are not inspecting the goods themselves or depending on the requirement for a special project or if the requirement comes from the official requirements of the destination countries (E.g. Mandatory country inspections)


To ensure the best risk management, The EHSD cooperates with world's well known and respected insurance companies like Marsh, Aon, Willis, Alexander Forbes, etc. The EHSD's well experienced teams are designing the most sophisticated insurance structures together with these insurance companies' experts and the required cover is obtained from local and foreign highly credible and reliable underwriters at reasonable prices with the widest possible risk coverage. Mainly used insurance covers are all risk cargo coverage, transport risk covers, etc.
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