Quality In major international quality standards including but not limited to AFNOR, AISI, ASTM, BS, CAN, DIN, EURONORM, GB, GOST, JIS, ISO, LNEC, SAE, SI, TS, UNE, UNI, etc. (eg. EN 10169, ASTM A 755, etc.)
Process Continuous hot dip galvanizing then pre-painting
Classification Pre-painted commercial quality (PPCQ), pre-painted lock forming
quality (PPLFQ), pre-painted structural steel quality (PPSSQ)
Thickness From 0.20 mm upto 2.0 mm
Width Upto 2000 mm for coils, 10 mm to 1000 mm for sheets
Length From 10 mm upto 12000 mm for sheets
Coating After zinc coating and pre-treatment chromate coating;
Outside primer coating (organic polymer), top finish/coating (polyester resin)
Inside functional paint (epoxy, polyester)
Colors Standard RAL colours or any special colour as per customer request
Weight Upto 10 mt in bundles, upto 35 mt in coils
Packing Waterproof paper and metal envelope
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