Type From 6 mm upto 60 mm in diameter (inch sizes are also available)
Length Specifiable up to 18 m
Quality In major international quality standards including but not limited to;
American standard (ASTM A 615: GR 40, GR 60 and ASTM A 706 GR 60),
British standard (BS 4449: GR 250, GR 460, 500 B),
German standard (DIN 488: BST 220, BST 340, BST 420S, BST 500S),
French standard/AFNOR (NF A 35016: FEE 400, FEE 500),
Spanish standard (UNE 36068-94: B400S, B500S),
Portuguese standard (LNEC: A400 NR, A500 NR),
Italian standard (UNI 6407: FEB 44K),
Greek standard (ELOT 971: S400S, S500S),
Dutch standard (NEN 6008: FEB 500HWL),
Poland standard (PN ISO 6935: BST 500S),
Japanese standard (JIS G 3112: SR 24, SR 30, SD 30 A/B, SD 35, SD 40, SD 50),
Singapore standard (SS2: PB300, RB 500W),
Chinese standard (GB1499 HRB 335, HRB 400, HRB 500)
Canadian standard (CAN/CSA G30, 18-M92 GR 400W),
Jamaican standard (JS33),
Bulgarian standard (BDS EN 10080: T-IVB, T-IVC),
Romanian standard (STAS 438: PC52, PC60),
Cis standard (GOST 5781: 35 GS, 25G2S AIII),
Turkish standard (TS 708: I, III, IV),
Euronorm 80-85
Rib Form As per the requirement of each quality standard and customer's special requirement
Packing Straight in bundles or once folded or in coils (from 6.0 mm to 16 mm) in the weight as per customer's requirement
Invoicing By theoretical (in uniform piece counted bundles) or actual weight basis
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