State of the Art Technology

The EHSD seriously invests in the latest technological developments and believes that every investment made in new technology is paying back very quickly in terms of the highest EHSD customer satisfaction through complete process control, increased efficiency and reduced costs. Therefore The EHSD utilizes the most modern equipments and computer hardware and custom made software combination in every stage of the supply chain.

The EHSD uses sophisticated server and computer network system for better performance on security, reliability and data exchange and storage capabilities and easy implementation of the integrated software packages. With this system all the supply chain stages are monitored easily and effectively. The cost data for every stage of any supply is taken from the corresponding module of the software package which is particularly important in terms of minimizing the offer preparation periods and achieving the best accuracy for the quotations.

Most of the internal and external communication is done through digital medium (by a well designed MS Windows Platform). All computers are connected to a windows NT network with internet connections. MS exchange server is used for message administration.

The EHSD uses the latest tools of technology for product tracking and supply chain planning.

The EHSD, being committed to implement the latest technology in its supply chain and operations, updates its systems by visiting major exhibitions and fairs to follow the latest developments and applications available.
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