Know - How

The EHSD is backed up with highly qualified professionals having a very long production and sales experience in steel industry.

The EHSD's wide expertise and know - how in steel industry brings very important advantages to The EHSD;
  • The ability of doing things correctly the first time instead of loosing time, money and reliability in trying to solve the logjams and problems. This gives The EHSD high quality, low cost and shorter and effective supply possibility.
  • The EHSD has a vast know - how on steel from raw materials to finished products. This includes broad knowledge of domestic and worldwide supply resources.
  • The EHSD is very experienced in the finance, logistics and distribution of the steel products worldwide.
  • The EHSD performs a comprehensive physical control and testing at Supply Chain Partners (SCP) on all raw materials and auxiliary products to be used in steel production for better final product quality.
  • The EHSD experts assist and guide customers starting from the selection of the proper materials to satisfy their exact needs up to the final delivery stage together with market forecasts.
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