Compliance Criteria

The EHSD selects the Supply Chain Partners (SCP) and Service Provider Partners (SPP) by detailed examination for the high quality of their production and/or services, time sensitive approach for given deadlines as well as competitiveness in their fields of activity. The EHSD Supply Chain Partners (SCP) and Service Provider Partners (SPP) are carefully selected within the ones having the same vision and understanding as The EHSD. They shall be quality oriented and have same philosophy as The EHSD for the respect and concern for the human being and the environment.

Following keen due diligence for the above stated main issues, The EHSD provides continuous support for the development of their total performance and output.

The EHSD experts regularly examine the partners' production and service processes and efficiency.

Based on the necessity, The EHSD designs and provides the processes to be applied by the Supply Chain Partners (SCP) and Service Provider Partners (SPP). Consultancy and continuous training are given to them and periodic audits are performed to improve their process performance. The EHSD applies quality control tests to their products and services and provides them necessary constructive feedback for their improvement and development.

In order to ensure a systematic approach The EHSD has developed its own compliance criteria which is called The EHSD Compliance Criteria (ECC) which is regularly updated and revised as per the latest developments and practices.
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